Watch 12th Fail: Best Indian movie of 2023

Restart from Zero. Restart from the very beginning of this new year. Bring out a smile of pure joy at the end. Vikrant Massey’s “12 Fail” was released on October 27, portraying the story of an IPS officer who faced academic challenges in higher secondary but eventually achieved success. The film depicts his journey from a small village to attaining the honourable position of an IPS officer, highlighting the multiple failures he experienced before securing his triumph. Vikrant Massey’s performance as an ordinary youth resonated deeply with fans, marking his Bollywood debut.

The film, set in the backdrop of the dacoit-infested Chambal region, explores the protagonist’s path to the UPSC exam. “12 Fail” not only performed well at the box office but also left a lasting impact on viewers. The combination of stellar performances, compelling dialogues, adept direction, soulful music, and the film’s authentic portrayal collectively contribute to its inspirational and beautiful narrative. Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s directorial prowess stands out, and the ensemble cast, led by Vikrant Massey, delivered impeccable performances.

Many viewers consider this movie the best Bollywood film of the year, praising Vikrant Massey and Vidhu Vinod Chopra for their outstanding contributions. The film is regarded as emotionally impactful, offering a unique journey that prompts reflection on one’s own life experiences. It serves as a source of inspiration for many, showcasing the resilience and determination of the protagonist, Manoj. Costing approximately Rs 20 crore to produce, “12 Fail” has surpassed expectations by earning Rs 66.5 crore globally. The film is perfect for influential cinematic creation.

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