Tesla has launched a new robot that can do any human job

Tesla, known for its electric cars, recently showcased a new and improved version of its Optimus robot in a video released by Elon Musk. The robot, designed for household tasks, displays improved training and capabilities compared to the first version. It can move like a human, is lighter by 10 kg, and walks 30% faster. The video shows the robot easily doing tasks like boiling eggs, dancing, and squatting.

Tesla used advanced AI technology to train the robot better. They improved its foot strength, sensing power, and toe movements. The company plans to make it even better in the future. The robot has sensors in its hands to handle sensitive objects and move things around.

Elon Musk’s video of the robot has become very popular, getting over 42 million views, 270,000 likes, and 40,000 reposts on social media platform X (Twitter). Previous videos of the robot doing yoga also went viral.

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