Simple Hacks for Extending the Life of Smartphone Battery

Poor smartphone usage can reduce life expectancy of your device, especially when struggling with short-lasting batteries. The phone’s battery life is a key concern for all users. The battery life of smartphones with new batteries also starts to decrease after a few days. Keep your phone updated for better battery life, as updates often include improvements. Discover tips and tricks to extend your phone’s battery life for a smoother experience.

Background activity

If you’re not using an app, close it. Otherwise, it will keep running in the background and consume your battery. To stop this, go to the app settings and turn off background activity.

Adjust brightness

High screen brightness is a big battery drainer. So keep the screen brightness low. Go to your phone settings to adjust brightness.

Turn on battery saver mode

Save battery by turning off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS when you’re not using them. Battery saver mode helps extend battery life. You can enable battery saver mode by going to your phone’s settings.

Expert tips

Don’t let your battery run out completely, and don’t charge it fully. It’s better to charge between 20% and 80% to make your phone battery last longer. Keep your phone cool to make the battery last longer. Too much heat can make the battery drain faster.

Make your phone battery last longer by following these easy tips.

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