Shah Rukh’s Dunki is a masterpiece or disaster | Full review

Shah Rukh Khan once again won hearts with his charm in 2023. The year kicked off with the release of ‘Pathaan’ in January, followed by ‘Jawan’ in September. King Khan set a new record, and to cap off the year, ‘Dunki’ hit theatres, featuring Shahrukh Khan and directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Fans were eagerly anticipating the magic this duo could bring to the big screen.

To begin with, if you’re expecting the same larger-than-life Shahrukh Khan performance in ‘Dunki’ after watching ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan,’ you might be a bit disappointed. Both those movies leaned towards action, and their screenplays were impressive. The storyline revolves around friends from a Punjab village aspiring to a better life in London. Their mothers are earning a living through sewing, working as a security guard, and managing a dhaba while listening to the owner’s gossip. Suddenly, Shah Rukh Khan’s character, ‘Hardy,’ enters their lives.

Hardy, an army man, owes his life to a Punjabi boy. While recovering and searching for the boy, Hardy engages with this group of friends. He extends a helping hand to make their dream of going to London a reality. However, the group faces challenges with financial stability and English education, making it impossible to secure a London visa. They then consider an alternative—the ‘Donkey Route’—crossing barbed wires through several countries to reach London illegally. The question arises: can they make it to England? To find out, you must watch the film ‘Dunki.’

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