Scientific Revolution: Under Water City In Japan

Japan is planning something extraordinary – a city underwater called OCEAN SPIRAL. The Shimizu Corporation is behind this unique project, aiming to make it the first fully submerged city in Japan. The city will be massive, about the size of four football fields, and located two miles below sea level.

In this underwater city, people can live just like they do in regular cities above water. There will be houses, hotels, markets, and transportation for businesses. The Shimizu Corporation has shared blueprints showing a 15 km road under the sea and a clay factory two kilometres below the surface.

There are some remarkable things in the plan to make this city eco-friendly. It’s designed to house around 5,000 people and is structured in three parts under the sea. The key part, Blue Garden, will be 200 meters below sea level along a spiral path. This unique underwater city aims to provide a special living experience, taking precautions against earthquakes and tsunamis.

Japan’s OCEAN SPIRAL project is not just about creating a city beneath the waves, it’s a bold step into the future of urban living, showcasing innovation and sustainability.

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