Save Fuel Cost with the help of Google Maps

Many people rely on this navigation app while riding through unfamiliar areas. Google Maps will not only recognize the path and take you to the right destination but will also help you save fuel costs from now on. The facility was first launched in the USA, Canada and some European countries in September 2022. This time, Google Maps launched the fuel-saving feature in India as well. Find out how to reduce oil consumption by using this app. Generally, diesel cars can give good mileage on highways. Petrol and electric cars give good mileage in the city.

How does Google Fuel-Saving work?

Google Maps shows a calculation of how much fuel efficiency a road needs, based on the user’s car engine. The map also features live traffic updates and road conditions. The app shows which route can save the most fuel by considering the speed, traffic updates, fuel required on the route etc. Even if you change the route, Google Maps will find alternative routes with lower fuel consumption. Google Maps detects which route will get better fuel efficiency or mileage by detecting the car’s engine with a green leaf. Even if the option is turned off, Google starts tracking the speed of the car.

How to use?

Open Google Maps on your smartphone. Then click on the profile picture option. Now tap on the settings option and click on the navigation option. Scroll down and tap on the route option. Tap on the preferred fuel-efficient routes option to avail of eco-friendly routing. Here tap on the engine type option. Now you can search for the destination. Select change engine by swiping the bottom bar. Here the engine type of the vehicle should be given.

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