Revolutionary Batteries Set to Outlast 50-Year

Smartphones nowadays come with strong batteries and fast charging capabilities, but even the best battery won’t last more than 3-4 hours if you forget to charge it. So, it’s a constant cycle of finding chargers or relying on power banks to keep your phone alive. It can be a trouble, and without charge, a smartphone, regardless of its price, whether expensive or cheap, is nothing but a toy.

Imagine a battery that lets you forget about charging your smartphone for 50 years. A tech company called ‘Betavolt’ in Beijing has developed a nuclear or atomic battery. It’s super potent, giving your phone a half-century lifespan on a single charge. Don’t be scared by the word ‘nuclear’, the battery looks like a regular one, just a bit smaller. Yet, thanks to nuclear energy, its power capacity is thousands of times higher than your usual battery.

In this regard, the Betavolt company claims that it is the world’s first battery that includes the miniaturization of nuclear energy. Scientists have used the radioactive material nickel-63 as a source of energy to make this battery. In this case, the technology used in this battery can convert the energy generated through isotopes into electrical energy. The battery looks like a microchip and is about the size of a 1 rupee coin.

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