New Feature: Easy Steps to Edit Your Videos Like a Pro

Google has introduced Lumiere, a user-friendly text-to-video technology for those unfamiliar with video editing. This innovative model transforms written text into videos on various topics, from entertainment to storytelling, eliminating the need for editing skills. Also through this you can create motion videos from photos too.

Lumiere operates on a space-time U-Net architecture, generating each frame of the video based solely on the inputted text. While still in the experimental phase, Lumiere can be accessed on the Google AI platform under the Lumiere tab. To create a video, users choose a topic, input relevant text, such as video stories or instructions, and click the “Create” button, allowing the model to generate a video within minutes.

Although Lumiere is still under development, Google plans to add more features in the future, making it a promising tool for easy and efficient video creation.

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