Meta introduced Smart Glass with Unique Features | Tech news

In today’s era of Artificial Intelligence, the unimaginable has become possible. Facebook’s parent company Meta, in collaboration with Ray-Ban, has created smart glasses that can not only see but also speak. A video of this smart glass has been shared by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram, showcasing the power of AI technology. Currently, these new-generation glasses are undergoing trials. Meta can make it available in the market soon after testing.

The Ray-Ban smart glasses are equipped with a camera and microphone, enabling them to perceive and analyze the surroundings. By connecting to an app, the glasses provide information based on what they see and hear. In the video, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed how the glasses can analyze a shirt and suggest which pants would complement it.

Moreover, these smart glasses allow users to gather information about various things through the connected app. For instance, you can command the app to provide details about a landmark, and the glasses will capture the image. After, the information will be delivered straight to the app. Additionally, the glasses can translate text in another language within an image into your preferred language. The glasses handle the seeing and hearing, while the app delivers the information seamlessly. It’s mind-blowing research to make AI-enhanced eyewear.

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