Learn artificial intelligence for free by 3 official courses

In today’s tech-heavy world, artificial intelligence (AI) is super important. In 2023, lots of new AI stuff came out, and experts think 2024 will be even more focused on AI. Big companies like Microsoft and Google are offering free AI courses to help people learn.

Google Machine Learning Crash Course

Google has a free course called the “Google Machine Learning Crash Course.” It’s great for beginners and covers basic AI, machine learning, Python, data science, and model training. You can take advantage of this course by going to Google’s official platform.

Microsoft AI (edX)

Microsoft has launched a separate platform for teaching called “edX.” You can explore how AI is used in real life, like in healthcare, finance, and retail. It gives you practical tips on managing AI. This platform is a great help for those who want to get better at AI.

Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is another big name offering free courses on AI and machine learning. You don’t need to know programming to start, and you can learn about AI, machine learning, and cloud tools for free.

These free courses from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are a cool way to learn about AI and stay on top of the latest tech trends in 2024.

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