King Khan Strikes Again: Shah Rukh Sets New Record

Shah Rukh Khan has not been seen on the big screen for over four years. He faced a setback in his film career because of wrong projects. Everyone raised questions about King Khan’s popularity. However, he turned the tables and made a comeback, proving that critics can be silenced. He clarified through the Pathaan movie that one can come back despite criticism.

Truly, he is the ‘Bollywood Badshah’. Once again, ‘King Khan’ proves it. He has set a record at the box office. The year 2023 will not be forgotten when talking about Shah Rukh Khan. Because in this year, he has released three movies back to back.

Not only release three movies, but all three films have recorded collections at the box office. ‘Pathaan,’ ‘Jawan,’ and ‘Dunki.’ Three movies by Shah Rukh Khan have collectively earned 2500 crore rupees at the box office. Three movies in one year. On top of that, the box office collections of these three movies have also set a record.

Initially, Prabhas’ made a bang with his most anticipated ‘Salaar’ film but it didn’t last long. In just a few days, the box office collection of Prabhas’ movies started falling. But ‘Dunki’ maintained its streak of box office collections. At the end of the year, Shah Rukh Khan’s three films together did a business of 2500 crore rupees at the box, creating history in Bollywood.

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