Here are similar games you can play before GTA 6

After more than a decade, Rockstar Games will finally launch a sequel to Grand Theft Auto 5, the multi-generational open-world crime game. Rockstar Games launched the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 on December 5. The trailer of this upcoming game was awaited for a long time. GTA 6 will be released for PS5 & Xbox Series X/S in 2025. While you wait for GTA VI, here are some open-world games for you.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 follows a young hacker named Marcus Holloway in San Francisco. He joins the hacking group DedSec to take down corrupt corporations. The story focuses on Marcus and his friends as they expose the dark side of technology and fight against a system that invades privacy. Throughout the game, there’s a mix of hacking, action, and a quest for justice against powerful organizations.

Red Dead Redemption 2

In ‘Red Dead Redemption 2‘ you play Arthur Morgan, part of Dutch van der Linde’s gang during 1899. The game shows the fading Wild West, and you guide Arthur through the gang’s challenges, internal conflicts and clashes with the law. It explores loyalty, morals, and how the world is changing. The story surprises as Arthur deals with his gang’s struggles to survive amid growing problems.


Grand Theft Auto V is about three guys: Michael, who used to rob banks; Franklin, trying to move up in the criminal world; and Trevor, a crazy drug dealer. They do heists and deal with problems in Los Santos. The story talks about greed, family, and what happens when you live a criminal life. The guys face challenges, betrayals, and the police in the big open world of San Andreas.

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