Best tips to increase battery life of your gadget

It is very common for smartphone users to run out of charge quickly. No matter how much new technology comes, the problem of battery draining has not been solved. Along with thousands of features of smartphones, the most important thing is battery backup. Although the price is more or less, most of the smartphones available in the market today have almost the same battery capacity and charging technology. In fact, in this new generation, nobody likes it if the battery level of the handset goes down very quickly, and it has to be charged again and again. To use the phone throughout the day and ensure long-term battery health, there are some things to keep in mind. If you follow these tips, even if your phone gets old, the battery should be okay.

Not more than 80% charge

If you keep the phone charged for a long time and charge it full (100%) it puts pressure on the battery. Even though the battery level is 100% and still you keep the phone charging for a long time, you are making a mistake. Experts recommend charging the battery up to 80%. Some branded smartphones like Apple, iPhone and Samsung automatically stop charging when the battery reaches 80%.

Don’t let the charge drop below 20%

Not only full charge but discharging the phone repeatedly has a big impact on the battery. So don’t let the phone’s battery level drop below 20%, charge it before that. But remember, except in an emergency, it is not right to charge the battery when the level drops a little.

Beware of Overheating

If the phone overheats, the battery gets damaged a lot. So if the phone gets hot, stop using it immediately and keep the cover open.

Use original charger

Use the charger provided by the company with your smartphone. Because using any other charger may damage the smartphone battery.

Always try to close the background app and turn off mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity if not required. Turning off the location of apps you’re not using can save battery life. You have to keep the software up-to-date from time to time to maintain good battery health.

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