Apple is launching its first car to the market

Apple is known for their flagship devices including iPhone, iPad, laptops, Apple Watch and others. It is not unknown to the world that Apple is developing their first electric vehicle. Apple’s journey into making its electric car, known as Project Titan, started in 2015 and aims to launch the car in 2028. They wanted a fully self-driving car without a steering wheel, but now it seems they’re facing challenges, and their plan has changed.

The person leading the project, Kevin Lynch, took charge in 2021. Instead of a completely autonomous car, Apple is now focusing on adding automated features, similar to what Tesla does. They’re aiming for Level Two Autonomous Driving, where some tasks are automated. Although the steering does not play much role, the driver needs to keep his hands on it to avoid accidents.

This is a big change from Apple’s initial goal, but it seems they’re adapting to the reality of current technology. As they work on their electric car, they’ll likely continue improving its automated features through software updates. It’s similar to Tesla’s Autopilot system. Despite facing challenges, Apple is determined to keep up with competitors like Xiaomi in the electric car market.

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